Pennsylvania, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Banker, Hannah M  1 Apr 1842Pennsylvania, United States I320
2 Banker, Sarah A  1854Pennsylvania, United States I842
3 Banker, Wallace  May 1860Pennsylvania, United States I291
4 Covey, Margaret  1838Pennsylvania, United States I378
5 Covey, Martha  1838Pennsylvania, United States I391
6 Covey, Nemiah  1850Pennsylvania, United States I322
7 Francisco, Orpha  1830Pennsylvania, United States I358
8 Hinds, Asa B.  19 Jul 1845Pennsylvania, United States I1572
9 Horton, Bessie  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, United States I245
10 Mullnex, Amy  1856Pennsylvania, United States I367
11 Mullnex, John  1866Pennsylvania, United States I462
12 Mullnex, Leroy  1854Pennsylvania, United States I92
13 Ruland, Ruth  Jan 1853Pennsylvania, United States I1323
14 Sisco, Charles F  25 Jan 1858Pennsylvania, United States I1341
15 Sisco, Edward  11 Dec 1853Pennsylvania, United States I1346
16 Sisco, Frances Ida  26 Feb 1856Pennsylvania, United States I1321
17 Sisco, James N  21 Jan 1867Pennsylvania, United States I1320
18 Sisco, John Wesley  25 May 1842Pennsylvania, United States I1301
19 Sisco, Manuel R Manley  9 Feb 1890Pennsylvania, United States I262
20 Sisco, Mary Addie  28 May 1862Pennsylvania, United States I1337
21 Sisco, Minnie E  26 May 1860Pennsylvania, United States I321
22 Sisco, Oscar  1871Pennsylvania, United States I385
23 Sisco, Silas J  30 Aug 1851Pennsylvania, United States I1347
24 Sisco, Unas  May 1883Pennsylvania, United States I521
25 Swingle, Amanda M  4 May 1850Pennsylvania, United States I450
26 Swingle, Elbert N  2 Jun 1865Pennsylvania, United States I443
27 Swingle, Malinda S  28 Sep 1858Pennsylvania, United States I537
28 Swingle, Margaret  Sep 1869Pennsylvania, United States I355
29 Swingle, Mary  22 Jul 1856Pennsylvania, United States I84
30 Swingle, Sarah Francis  4 Feb 1861Pennsylvania, United States I312
31 Swingle, Simeon B  Nov 1853Pennsylvania, United States I577
32 Weiss, Margaret  1794Pennsylvania, United States I1325


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BANKER / Belcher  18 Aug 1830Pennsylvania, United States F211