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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Youngs, Vivian H.  23 Nov 1919New York I114
2 Youngs, Patricia A   I500
3 Youngs, Lena  19 Nov 1879New York I1536
4 Youngs, Lawrence  21 May 1909New York I310
5 Youngs, Jesse William  1871New York I1125
6 Youngs, Hazel  1894New York I1514
7 Youngs, Edgar  1867New York I1533
8 Youngs, Clarence William  17 Nov 1891New York I1526
9 Youngs, C. Roland  11 Sep 1915New York I499
10 Tuffley, Mary L.  Nov 1863New York I1544
11 Tuffley, Hattie  Abt 1863New York I1469
12 Tuffley, Eddie  1859New York I1457
13 Traub, George  1862New York I703
14 Traub, Earl  Mar 1895New York I708
15 Traub, Bertha  Feb 1891New York I710
16 Thomas, Ira  1870New York I1379
17 Sweet, William  Abt 1842New York I1883
18 Sweet, Lilly P  Oct 1846New York I150
19 Shevalier, Letticia  7 Nov 1809New York I763
20 Shevalier, Deborah  1788New York I873
21 Searles, George H.  Abt 1868New York I1908
22 Searles, Francis  Abt 1830New York I1904
23 Sawyer, Simeon T.  1863New York I400
24 Sawyer, Lynn Louis  25 Apr 1896New York I1137
25 Redmond, Hiram C  7 Dec 1843New York I1451
26 Ramsden, Margaret May  Abt 1891New York I1537
27 Phinney, Peter P  1883New York I1103
28 Outt, Roy Ralph  28 Jul 1900New York I1461
29 Outt, George  Abt 1871New York I1515
30 Northrup, Nelson Lewis  21 Jan 1879New York I1071
31 Northrup, Lewis  Mar 1850New York I1110
32 Northrup, Ellis E.  Jan 1871New York I1068
33 Northrop, Franklin I  Apr 1885New York I1067
34 Mosher, Charles E  Abt 1861New York I1894
35 Mosher, Betty   I1896
36 Miller, Donald   I1897
37 McVicker, Sandra Lee   I359
38 Masters, Walter C.  Abt 1867New York I705
39 Masters, Louisa E  1859New York I711
40 Masters, George  Abt 1889New York I707
41 Master, Raymond   I1564
42 Martin, Emily  Sep 1830New York I1539
43 Lanning, Clara  10 Aug 1897New York I446
44 Kinney, Ollie  Dec 1895New York I1286
45 Kinney, Fred  Aug 1897New York I1287
46 Kiehl, Willie  Abt 1876New York I2000
47 Kiehl, Lillie M  Oct 1887New York I2005
48 Kiehl, Henry E  Sep 1882New York I2004
49 Kiehl, Fred A  Nov 1891New York I2006
50 Kiehl, Frances E  Apr 1885New York I2008

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rainey, Jeanette  28 Nov 1933New York I859
2 Mary  9 Feb 1923New York I179
3 Hobart, Willie  9 Oct 1916New York I860
4 Hobart, Millard J  21 Jan 1935New York I862
5 Hobart, Melvin  3 Dec 1918New York I1088
6 Hobart, Mariah  5 Mar 1887New York I1105
7 Henry, Elizabeth Ann  21 Dec 1977New York I339
8 Cartwright, Nellie  21 Jul 1942New York I1115
9 Bond, Lydia  11 Feb 1840New York I1039
10 Aiken, Florence  1959New York I864


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hobart / Cartwright  Jul 1859New York F279